Crash Course in Getting a #1 Google Ranking

To start with, here’s the once-over of a portion of the phrasing I’m going to utilize – google index download

Inbound Links – Links coming into your site

Outbound Links – Links leaving your site

Cross Links – Links that you have “exchanged” with another site (ie, they have a connection from their site to your and you have a connection from your site to theirs)

PR (Page Ranking) – Google’s proportion of how “significant” your site is

Web optimization Is Not Dead

Alright, presently lets talk about what you truly need to hear – how to get those pined for 1-10 positions for your catchphrases. Keep in mind this – SEO isn’t dead. Truth be told, it is particularly alive and significant. The main activity so as to raise your site rank is target explicit catchphrases. I state explicit, in light of the fact that you have to target “keyphrases,” which means more than single word catchphrases. A few people utilize the words conversely (me included) so simply overlook single word watchwords through and through. You will squander your cash in the event that you shoot for these, in light of the fact that odds are, there are other, MUCH bigger organizations who as of now have you beat, and will keep on having you beat except if you have a no-limit wallet.

Look at Your Competition

Take this precedent, for example, on the off chance that you sell PCs, you ought not endeavor to improve your site for the catchphrase “PC” or “PCs.” First, consider the majority of the organizations that do ANYTHING with PCs. Definitely, that is a ton. They’ll all appear in the event that you look for “PC.” Now attempt to consider who might appear at the highest priority on that rundown. I’ll make it simple, it’s Apple, Dell, Computer World, Computer Associates, IEEE, Computer History Museum, Webopedia, ASUSTeK,, and HP. I will put it all out there here and state that I 99.9% certification you that you’ll never get into that best 10 list. The HP interface has very nearly 5,000 backlinks (examined later) and a PR of 7/10. Good karma.

At that point What Should I Do?

So what would it be a good idea for you to endeavor to target? Gives re-a chance to visit your PC store. What types do you sell? PCs, alright, what sorts of PCs? Custom. Alright, that is somewhat better, “Custom Computers” is as yet a dubious watchword, however. (What number of individuals manufacture custom PCs?) What sort of segments do you use? Intel? AMD? SoundBlaster? GeForce? There you go, that is somewhat better – “Custom GeForce Computers.” That returned 476k outcomes rather than our past 633 million with “PC.” Just somewhat less challenge.

I Want More

Need to go further? Disregard what types you sell, go for what do your clients need. What do they utilize your PCs for? Gaming? Attempt “Custom Gaming Computers” – There are 672,000 outcomes here, yet the #1 spot has a PR of 5/10 and just 41 backlinks. That shouldn’t be too difficult to even think about beating, we’ve quite recently became more acquainted with who is connecting to them, and beat them at the backlink amusement.

Gracious no doubt, before we proceed onward to severely thrashing your opposition, remember to SEO upgrade your site for your picked catchphrases before investing any energy in backlinks. Something else, this next segment won’t mean much.

Yet, I Digress…

Alright, since your site is altogether enhanced, how would we discover who their backlinks are? Indeed, you can do it by hand, or you can buy a VERY supportive apparatus called SEO Elite ( that will dissect the majority of the backlinks to a site (and that’s only the tip of the iceberg). However, since you don’t have SEO Elite yet, we’ll do it the long way.

To begin with, go to and download the Google toolbar, this will spare you some time. Alright, presently type in your watchwords – “Custom Gaming Computers.” The main connection ought to be (on the off chance that it’s not, at that point somebody may have just perused this section and transcended them!) snap to go there. At the point when the page loads, go to your Google Toolbar, click on Options > “More” Tab > Make beyond any doubt the “Page Info” box is checked. At that point, click on the blue hover with the I in it. (This is the suitably named: “Page Info”) It should drop down and enable you to choose “In reverse Links,” pick it. Presently you ought to take a gander at a Google look page once more, yet this one is unique, it just shows pages that connect to (Goodness, that is helpful!) At the season of this article, there are 41 pages that connect to the site, and you can see them all. Some are different pages in the site, others are outsiders.

Get Your Site Some Friends!

Pursue every outsider connection and look at the page. Does it have to do with your business? Would their guests profit by going to your site? (The appropriate response is most likely yes) If in this way, email the website admin – there ought to be an email address some place on the webpage. Inquire as to whether they would connection to your site. Be happy to exchange joins with them, or to pay for a decent connection with a high PR. That reminds me – look just to one side of the Page Info symbol on your Google toolbar, and you should see a green bar. That is the Page Rank of the page you’re as of now on. You need to target pages with higher page positions than your own, on the grounds that for every one of those destinations that connect to yours, they viably “give” you a tad of their PR. Kinda like in secondary school when the leader of the cheerleading squad played with the geek in the lobby, she “gave” him greater notoriety.

Incidentally, on the off chance that you can figure out how to get a connection from the #1 site itself, do it!

Do this for these connections you can, at that point proceed onward to the #2 posting for your watchwords. At that point #3, etc. Try not to get disheartened if a few website admins don’t answer to you, it might take an email or two. On the off chance that they state no, express gratitude toward them for their time and proceed onward. I make an effort not to cut off any ties – no one can tell when you’ll have to contact that website admin once more, and in the event that he recalls that you were respectful, that will make you look great.

Whew, Finally Done.

This is an exceptionally simple approach to climb the Google SERPS, no “aptitude” required, simply great out-dated diligent work. It will require some investment for Google to re-file those pages and understand that they have a connection to you now. What’s more, it will take much longer for your PR to go up (from what I hear, it’s been around 3-4 months since the last PR change [Today is 7/14/2005]) But be persistent, get joins upon connections, and continue adding extraordinary substance to your site, and you will hop up in the SERPS significantly.

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